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Specialists in University placements and scholarship advice

Are you looking to study a Masters, (LLM) or Ph.D degree in the UK?

We help international students secure University placements in the United Kingdom

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Are you right for a scholarship?

Are you looking to study a Masters, (LLM) or Ph.D degree in the UK?

A law or business graduate?

An engineering or science graduate?

A practising lawyer or manager?

Looking to develop your job or career prospects?

Looking for a job promotion?

Looking to be more competitive in the market-place?

Looking to continue your academic studies?

Looking to manage your own company?

An engineer looking to re-train as a manager?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions,  please give us your contact details to arrange a face to face Skype consultation

Student services

Degree search/university placement

We will best match your education profile and study interest with our range of university partners’ study programmes.

English language questions

Please get in touch before spending money certifying your English level and we will advise you on the next and best steps to take.

British Universities encourage early applications and can give you a conditional acceptance ‘offer’ pending any outstanding English tests which can follow later.

You can use this tool to help you assess your current level of English:

Scholarship advisory services

For candidates needing a scholarship and financial support a full scholarship advisory service is available, please get in touch!

Visa advisory services

Once we have secured your university offer letter, we will work with our visa advisors to ensure your visa application is successful first time.

Welfare and accommodation

Once we have secured your university place, we will work with university colleagues to guide you through this last but important stage of the university placement process.

About us

‘IntheUK’ is a partnership between AMRIOBBB (established in Brazil since 2000) and GG Education Consultancy (established in the UK since 2005).

‘IntheUK  provides professional, independent and confidential marketing, recruitment and university placement services for prospective students (particularly from Latin American countries) and institutional clients from around the world.

Our senior consultants are unique in that all have more  than 20 years direct experience working with leading UK (British) universities and almost 20 years experience working in and with Latin American university partners.

Arrange a consultation

Arrange a time for a face to face Skype consultation

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